Michael Horn - Aliens and the Middle East (in English)

Hala London recently had the first of its official Michael Horn interviews.  Host Lina Kay asked Michael about Billy Meier, his teachings, and how it relates to the Middle East.

Main points that Michael gives during the interview:
- The information given to Billy Meier is related to the Earth’s true history, and importantly, how people have migrated throughout history.
- There have been people who have previously performed roles like Billy Meier and they were often based in the Middle East.  We hear a list of prophets who were connected with the alien race.  To validate the links between the aliens and history, Michael points out that the science that has also been discussed by these aliens has been shown to be true.
- In a book linked to the findings from the aliens, ‘Talmud Jmmanuel’, the fifth prophet listed in the interview is noted as being Jesus Christ’s real name - that name is Jmmanuel (often spelt Immanuel).  Michael gives evidence of this concept from the Bible itself using verses.
- Michael says the Prophet Muhammad was in contact with these beings, and the world doesn’t know how valuable he was in creating freedom for people, as the world is unaware of certain stories in his past.
- Billy Meier went through many countries of the Middle East studying world religions for a clearer viewpoint on what the aliens have taught him.
- There was an extraterrestrial race that was very negative in and around the area now known as the Middle East, and this race created a lot of issues.  They are the reason many religions were set on the wrong track.

If you find these ideas fascinating, please watch the video!

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