November Horoscopes (in English)

Every month, Hala London has our specialist provide some guidance using the zodiac signs.  There are 12 zodiac signs, and each sign has its own strengths and weaknesses, each with its own specific traits, desires and attitude towards life, events, and the people around us.  Find yours below and don't be afraid to refer back to it as the month continues!


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As written by our
Psychological Astrologer,
Mirjam Schneider


Aries.jpg (41 KB)Aries
Ready for an adventure of the bigger kind? Jupiter’s warming rays are doing you good and since he’s joined by Venus for almost the entire month, this can bring out every positive and optimistic fibre within you (which are plentiful). You may feel so eager to go on a journey or start a new project that you ignore any obstacle or opposition possibly being in the way. However, a persistent little voice in your head may warn you to think this through, resulting in thoughts surrounding the subject running over and over through your head. Forward movement is indicated when Mars moves into Scorpio on 19/11. This adds to your willpower, and if someone’s trying to play mind games with you, you’ll find the right strategy to throw them off. In any case, Mars will help you stick with your plans and goals and allow nothing and no one to dampen your enthusiasm. Grit your teeth Aries, and safe travels!

Taurus.jpg (41 KB)Taurus
Harmony-loving as you generally are, during the second half of the month you may have to venture out of your comfort zone more often than you’d prefer. You need to see the positive side of it though - after a couple weeks of difficult or delayed communication as well as possible disagreements or misunderstandings, you finally get a good chance to clear things up. Your relationship sector is being highlighted which can see you building up your courage, and from 20/11, you may want to approach someone and make an effort to rectify a situation. Granted, the cosmos isn’t quite making this easy for you, but you recognise the greater benefit of taking action and at least giving it your best shot. At the end of November you feel gradually more confident and solid within yourself, and if you can just find the right moment, you quickly realise that an easy solution is presenting itself to bring you relief!

Gemini.jpg (41 KB)

Even though there may be some health concerns or struggling with everyday routines that require you to pull yourself together, November is a month to look forward to for Geminis. Thanks to Venus and Jupiter both in your sector of partnerships, there should be some nice encounters and even big improvements in existing relationships in store for you. Let others inspire you with loving vibes and don’t be shy to accept what is offered! Your ruler Mercury is retrograde this month, and the setup points to some issues needing to be settled either in your near environment or work-related. Moving forward with duties and chores can be slow and tiresome, but gentle Neptune/ Saturn influences give you some leeway and help you meet your most important targets. From 20/11 when Mercury is direct again, approaching people gets easier but you come across shyer and less bubbly than usual.

Cancer.jpg (40 KB)

The first half of the month can bring some frustration, as you may feel that you need to hold yourself back even though you want to be more outgoing. Also, whatever you’ve got in the works creatively or romantically that you feel passionate about, chances are it hasn’t all gone ahead as smoothly and at the speed you had hoped it would. The good news is: Around 19/11, even when it’s still all slow cooking and you need time to find your bearings and take the right steps, Mars shows up for you and your passion returns fully, with a highlight added during the last week of November! The latter can also definitely inspire you to turn up the heat in love and relationships and show your most alluring sides. If people give you strong enough positive signals and encouragement, you may even forget about your inhibitions and be a go-getter when it comes to making new connections and flirting…

Leo.jpg (42 KB)
Romantic and playful vibes courtesy of love planet Venus is just what Leos need to be at their best. There can be some mental heaviness with ideas going round your head that you’re not yet ready to talk about, but overall it looks promising. On 22/11, it’s the Sun’s turn to enter your romance sector, and what started as a more non-committal acquaintance may become something more serious - or something exciting could be revealed as you progress. For sure you will be able to find pleasure in every moment, and this is an awesome month for tapping into your creative potential, too. The only downer is that the second half of November you may be dealing with some stuff privately at home that makes it difficult to relax, or there’s quarrelling within your family. Take this as an opportunity to refocus your energy and priorities, also when it comes to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Virgo.jpg (40 KB)

Penny for your thoughts, Virgos… What is going on in your head this month? Retrograde Mercury, your planetary ruler, sits in your house of the intellect and communication and can make you pretty unfocused. It’s likely that you aren’t quite as articulate in your speech as people are used to, and feeling undecided and disorganised can freak you out. Still, you are just too clever and aware of what is going on to completely lose the plot, and Venus offers a boost of self-love. From 10/11, you can expect more moments of clarity, making your thinking more structured over the next few days. After 20/11, you seem ready to cut through confusion with Mercury going direct and Mars joining Mercury and the Sun. This can also mean a sudden turn of events as you prepare to take up the reigns and speak up. At the end of the month, this isn’t exactly easier but there’s a desire to impress someone.

Libra.jpg (40 KB)

With boisterous Mars still in your sign until 19/11 and clashing with mighty Pluto at the beginning of the month, you may be rather reluctant to act your usual compliant self. More likely is that whatever you’re pushing forward with, your course is unwavering and you won’t take “No” for an answer. This is also a challenge to stand up for your beliefs on the one hand, but at the same time move past any limiting ideas bubbling below the surface of your emotions. This phase of battling old resistance can be an opportunity to push your boundaries and discover a courage within you that you didn’t know existed! November is a good time to socialise and forge contacts that benefit you. Venus makes you inclined to express yourself and take in new knowledge, so writing or burying your nose in books may be your favourite pastimes. In financial and material terms, you can come to important conclusions.

Scorpio.jpg (40 KB)

Mercury being retrograde in your sign dominates this month, shedding light on hidden information and offering you the chance to gain insights related to the past. The overall set up suggests that you already had an inkling about what is revealed and feel like taking action. But first, it’s all about being patient and closely observing the situation in the pursuit of your plans until Mars moves into Scorpio on 19/11. Your razor-sharp instincts awaken, but don’t make the mistake and rush in, as Uranus can make you inclined to do! Shortly after, Mercury turns direct, and although the Sun leaves your sign you will soon be ready to piece it all together, draw the right conclusions and find the right words. Amidst all the intensity and purposeful acting and thinking, it doesn’t hurt to show some generosity and gratitude to others by little gestures, which could land you a valuable ally late in November.

Sagittarius.jpg (42 KB)

Love planet Venus visits the sign of Sagittarius this month and surely puts a smile on your faces. You can afford to see things in a more light-hearted way, which is your ruler Jupiter’s preference anyway. Try to bring out the best in you and focus on your positive attitude and generous nature. Feeling sexy and loved shouldn’t be too difficult either! While you don’t necessarily feel called to action during the greater part of November, you may instead want to reflect on things that are usually never at the forefront of your thinking. And if you manage to pull the plug and disconnect from everyday’s replays for a while, you may intuitively see some things more clearly that got you puzzled before. The Sun enters your sign on 22/11, and with Venus rendezvousing with Jupiter, over the following couple of days your life could very much be a case of Love is all you need. Enjoy the bright mood while it lasts!

Capricorn.jpg (46 KB)

Stress and important work commitments may be weighing you down, but your ruler Saturn makes some good links this month. These will increase your mental clarity and make you more selective in terms of what you are focused upon. Try to put pointless discussions to rest and approach new ideas within your circle of friends, or perhaps it’s just you wanting to gain a clearer vision of your desires based on past experiences. From mid-month onwards, there is a chance to delve deeper into your potential for the future. You may not feel at your most abundant, but esp. from 19/11 when Mars moves into an easy angle, investing energy in your networking is useful. It’s not hard for you to have an expectant attitude and initiate a spontaneous connection with people who share your ideas. Inspiration lights up the scene in the form of Venus, which makes an appearance late in November!

Aquarius.jpg (41 KB)

With the Sun and later in November Mars present in your career house next to retrograde Mercury, there seems to be a lot going on. At the beginning of the month, Mars and Pluto create some tension or obstacle for you. Are you climbing up a ladder, or looking to find a new and more promising one? The current situation may be churned up, but although you often feel undecided about a number of things, technically you can’t go wrong. Just be confident - You may have the final word, and knowing that reduces mental pressure. Be aware if any personal relationships have an impact on your career choices - oh and it’s okay to be really ambitious, too! To balance out your energies, Venus adds more outgoing, joyful vibes to your area of networks and friends. Aquarians are naturally good and happy in groups, and now teaming up with others to enjoy stuff like cultural events is on the cards for you.

Pisces.jpg (40 KB)

While Venus and Jupiter are hinting at some really good opportunities to get closer to your goals, the cosmic forces also believe that it’s time for a nice little phase of spiritual growth, dear Pisces. Maybe someone got you hooked on a topic or theory that spawned more of its kind. You may be struggling to get your head around it first with Mercury retrograde this month, but the lovely link with Neptune stimulates your intuition and suggests that something there is just too interesting and promising to abandon it quickly. Mind and intuition work really well together if you keep up focus and passion! Also, thoughts related to possibly some relationship or home issues may have been running through your head for a while, and now you can prepare yourself before taking a stand. Mars coming into play on 19/11 is good news for you and makes you feel more adventurous and confident in general.