October Horoscopes (in English)

Every month, Hala London has our specialist provide some guidance using the zodiac signs.  There are 12 zodiac signs, and each sign has its own strengths and weaknesses, each with its own specific traits, desires and attitude towards life, events, and the people around us.  Find yours below and don't be afraid to refer back to it as the month continues!


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As written by our Psychological Astrologer, Mirjam Schneider


Aries.jpg (41 KB)Aries
Your ruling planet Mars shifts into Libra early this month, which means you are not in the mood for causing or tolerating any trouble. Harmony-loving, balanced Libra is your cosmic counterpart, and though you like using your elbows to get you what you want, your task over the coming weeks can be to practise how to assert yourself and reach your goals the gentle way without snubbing people left and right. The focus of your endeavours is on relationships, which can see you make nice progress. Caution from the 22nd - Mars meets Saturn in a tough angle and can make you feel frustrated or blocked when dealing with your partner or others, or you might just forget your manners! Generally, you may encounter some crucial challenges, which, if you tackle them with your renowned courage, can help you realise that outer resistance is just a mirror of where you are in your own way within.

Taurus.jpg (41 KB)Taurus
Especially from the second October week on, there’s good energy for successful dialogue with other people and deep, fruitful conversations and finding compromise. A challenging Venus aspect around the 10th to 13th though may require a lot of patience as you may reject someone else’s viewpoint - looking at the facts is the key. Let the other person - or maybe it’s your lover - speak their mind. Take them serious and listen carefully, as it may be really important to take something they have to say on board that you can benefit from later on. Also, don’t be shy to approach someone, even if it’s “just” for networking purposes! The overall vibe is good and indicates that you have your goals in place and are probably making every effort to concentrate on the finer details during this time. A lot of energy is put into your job and daily chores, and you may be inclined to shake things up just a bit. Go for it!

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Geminis are arguably getting the best energy vibes this month in the whole zodiac, and you guys do love a buzzing atmosphere and opportunities for change and fun experiences. Mars delivers all that good stuff plentiful and in strong combo with the sun also supports the light-hearted part of your personality. You may feel particularly generous, too, and even inclined to take on projects that seem just a bit larger than life. But your self-confidence is high and so is your appreciation of challenge and competition. On the other hand, especially mind-month there’s most likely a need to (re)view certain things in a more critical light and indulge in some research. You feel a desire to do what you love for a living, and if that’s not yet the case, you will want to check out possibilities that allow you to move in the direction of those preferred circumstances to bring that joy into your work and everyday life!

Cancer.jpg (40 KB)

The emphasis on your home sector can see you spend more time indoors or with family and doing your own thing. You don’t intend to close yourself off out of misery though, because you do like to invite people in. It’s more like activities in your private space seem more appealing to you now, as does investing in your own needs and taking care of yourself. Since you show that side of you that you don’t show very often and is a bit more demanding, your individual needs may clash with your partner’s and other people’s expectations and interests, even to the point of mild-ish debates and power struggles. Despite that, do relish that high energy potential, as the cosmos also invites you to indulge in your creativity. Especially in the second half of October, the light, sociable and flirty vibes are also perfect to add some sparkle in romance and relationships - yes, even on your comfy couch!

Leo.jpg (42 KB)
Communicating and socialising are certainly your strengths this month, and this can mean that a lot of new information may be pouring in for you that keeps you well on your toes. After some inner questioning and soul-searching, you may also find an emotional urge to speak up about something or make a certain connection - Mid-month would be the best time for that as your level of confidence is high - However, a tricky Pluto influence won’t allow any beating around the bush and dares you to leave out vital bits of the truth. Just go ahead with no fear - You’ve been doing all the inner work and analysing. If you make it past that hurdle, you’ll be able to tackle the next one too, around the 25th. During the final October week, the cosmic tone changes for you as your ruler Sun shifts into Scorpio and can see you facing something unexpected that requires you to get to the heart of the matter.

Virgo.jpg (40 KB)

Thanks to supportive Mercury, Virgos know how to show themselves at their best and communicate well. In the course of October, the focus is on gaining mental clarity and chances are that unresolved issues will no longer be that. Watch out for important messages around the 19th. Especially in the last week, your analytical mind takes centre stage and if you have been working on a personal project for a while, the missing pieces may come together and fall into place. You are curious and ready to explore, which also covers the area of relationships. Acquaintances can be cemented and while your more serious idea of romance comes across just right, any bond can blossom - be it a friend, a lover or a co-worker. A small danger may be lurking in the cosmic shadows in the form of something you absolutely want but don’t absolutely need. Think about it carefully and look closely at the price tag… 

Libra.jpg (40 KB)

October is Libra month and the cosmos is throwing a few challenges at you: With fiery Mars moving through your sign and increasing your passionate side, you may feel more ready to fight for what you want to make yours. On the other hand, due to your natural need for harmony you will feel attacked more easily, or just overwhelmed by that burst of aggressive energy. Anything out of balance angers you and makes you want to withdraw from it at the same time. What you definitely can do is find out what is worth standing up for and set new boundaries as to when it is wiser to stop accommodating people and cater to their expectations. Giving yourself some ME-time is a great idea in order to deal with any conflict that may be triggered within you and figure out the best way to direct your actions and express yourself in alignment with your values. Underlying theme: your self-worth and priorities.

Scorpio.jpg (40 KB)

Even though you cannot exactly be described as a powerhouse, October sends you some warm and very vibrant energy with the noteworthy side effect of adding to your attractiveness. This is not only a great time to forge new contacts, but also to show your kinder side. Do invest in building bridges and settling old, burdening disagreements by admitting and forgiving past mistakes - A bit of effort and choosing a more positive perspective can totally transform a relationship. Also, this is the month to be inspired to set new intentions - make them strong and clear! A little ritual just after mid-month could help you setting the course and your focus. You are excellent when it comes to taking in new knowledge and anything new that you learn now is likely to stay stuck in your head long-term. From the 23rd when the Sun enters Scorpio, one thing is certain: You are allowed to simply have more fun!

Sagittarius.jpg (42 KB)

By becoming aware of possibilities previously unknown to you, your famous enthusiasm is sparked - which can include things you can do to release some burdens and spend more time with friends to fill up your energy tanks. If you’ve been going through a demanding time at work and put in lots of extra hours, it will be a relief for you to trust that you’ve done everything to move things forward and keep the ball rolling in your favour. Until the 23rd, enjoying some leisure time and socialising will be your cosmic source of Vitamin D. The final week of October can see you reflecting upon things that aren’t happening in your immediate environment, but rather have to do with your connection to the big picture. You are more open to higher guidance, and with Neptune’s challenging influence slowly on its way out, you may regain your faith in things or people that you feel you had lost for quite a while.

Capricorn.jpg (46 KB)

Your work and career rarely are a case of dolce vita to you, but especially not so this month. Quite likely, you are gearing up for a cracking major move that you’ve been masterminding in secret long in advance and that requires jumping in with all that you’ve got. Just make sure that what you’re doing is something you are really passionate about, which October can show you clearly. Even if it’s not the CEO’s chair you are after, your determination and focus combined with Mars’ power can make you unstoppable and realise any goal. However, try to get out of your own way and shake off those tense vibes that stress you out - In some situations, you may be inclined to stubbornly hold on to your own vision, which is not the only and not necessarily the best way things can happen for you. Your genius streak this month - the more complex a problem, the smarter the solution you Caps come up with.

Aquarius.jpg (41 KB)

October is a great time to meet people that truly believe in your abilities and are happy to show their support. If you have already made good contacts in the recent past or older ones that you know can benefit you now, this is the moment when conversations and exchange can move to a deeper level. Also, travelling could be heavily on your mind, or you may be struck with the idea that you want to study a particular topic and expand your spiritual horizon. Go ahead - the internet, YouTube etc. are your friends, and you are eager to get going. Towards the end of the month, you will need to take your responsibilities and work more seriously. You can look at this positively though, since rebellious Aquarians are more willing and able to address difficult issues they have been avoiding for long. Even if you don’t like it, you see the comfort that’s in store for you. Just decide to give it your best shot!

Pisces.jpg (40 KB)

A long period of ‘Should I or should I not believe in xyz’ is slowly coming to an end, and this month can see you establishing your renowned faith in your own inner GPS. Still, Jupiter reminds you that you do have a greater vision which, if you are totally honest, you are absolutely yearning to follow. Your inspiration receives fabulous impulses, which you may want to put into words and write down immediately. In fact, this time could even see you embarking on a writing project that you’ve always wanted to do. In other good news, Saturn is contributing stability and backbone for all those dreams and ideas and helps you turn them into something tangible - provided that you believe in them! It’s advisable to think long-term regarding financial issues, which may feature prominently this month. Seek to invest your energy into those measures that promise to increase your freedom in the future.