Lina Kay

Lina hosts a show every day on Hala London!  Catch her live Hadith Al Sa3a every Monday - Friday.  There are big interviews, famous guests, current affairs, comedy, music, and lots more entertainment.
Lina studied law in Lebanon, as well as media in London, and is a member of the British Foreign Office.  As a writer and journalist, Lina talks to all generations, teaching hope, love, and peace.  Lina says, "Hard days can make us strong and they allow us to help younger generations."
Lina is a busy activist, and believes we should all lend our voices to those who need our help.  A keen animal lover (and vegan!), Lina is a member of the Blue Cross, ACPCA, and RSPCA.  Lina fights for the planet and often gives speeches across the UK as an Ambassador for Peace.
Lina has also released a single for peace, you can hear it on our homepage!